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Living Farming Tree

What is Aeroponics? How will plants grow?

Aeroponics is an indoor farming technology developed by NASA in the 80s to create a new sustainable way to produce food in space. Aeroponic works with no soil and no liquid water (on the contrary to the most common hydroponic systems). Plants are grown on an inert substrate and the roots are freely let to develop beneath. Then, as for our Living Farming Tree, the watering system is represented by a specific mist of water and nutrients, saving up to 90% of water consumption. With Aeroponics, roots remain well aerated and absorb more oxygen, more nutrients and therefore grow faster, tastier and more nutritious.

Which plants can I produce with Aeroponics?

The modularity of our system lets you produce any plant you want, as long as it can be grown aeroponically. Sorry to say that, this means you cannot plant a cherry tree in the Living Farming Tree. However, you can go from microgreens and sprouts up to aromatic herbs, salads, leafy greens, and berries.

How much can I produce in the Living Farming Tree?

Depending on the number of modules you want to install into the system, you can produce from 24 lettuces or 96 basil plants per month, up to as much as you want. Sky is the limit! Each module has 6 baskets for the plant roots, depending on the type of plant you produce, you can fit from 1 to 4/5 seeds in each basket.

Is Aeroponics safe and the food actually good?

Our aeroponic technology uses no pesticides or harsh chemicals. We use a unique blend of nutrients specifically developed for this indoor farming technique. We do not use, suggest or provide any synthetically derived substance to grow plants with the Living Farming Tree, and therefore there should not be any reasons why the products/fruits grown in the systems might be considered unsafe. Additionally, we are working hard to develop our farming systems with the most sustainable materials possible. When not available due to engineering restriction, we still require from our partners very high standards of sustainability and safety for the production and assembly. We know food is a serious thing and we definitely don’t mess with it!

How difficult is it to grow plants with the Living Farming Tree?

Honestly? Easier than cooking a plate of spaghetti! We are putting enormous resources, both human and technological, for developing an emotional urban farming experience and provide our users with the easiest way to grow fresh and healthy plants all year round. The automation of the system manages independently each module, meaning that every crop type will receive the right amount of water, nutrients, and light depending on its precise needs and photosynthesis period. What you will have to do is only to install it, place the plants in the modules and tell our application which plants you are growing in each module. Our system will automatically define the best production pattern for your plants and start guiding you towards your first harvest. So, no worries: when your basil will be ready, our app will remind you to pick it up!

Do I have to always follow what the app says? What if I want to just eat my basil when I feel like it?

Well, the key word here is freedom! You will always have complete control over the system and nobody except you will decide what and how to manage it. The app is there just for guiding and suggesting you with awesome tips on how to get the most out of it!

What do I need to install my Living Farming Tree?

The Living Farming Tree only needs one socket where to plug the electrical cable and a Wi-Fi connection. Easy, right?

How much does the system consume?

Depending on how you configure it, the actual consumption can vary but always take into account that the biggest configuration now available (13 modules) consumes way less than 150W. No idea about what 150W means? Imagine the most energy-efficient fridge you can buy today and then divide it by half… well, even less than that!

How can I assemble it?

The way it looks today, the Living Farming Tree is a prototype resulting from many years of designing and perfecting sleepless nights. The last version of our system will arrive at your place in a box, exactly like when you bring home your IKEA closet. Our digital interface will guide you through the assembly and installation!

Why should I install it in the office?

Today, people spend up to three-quarter of their lives working, but the workplace is often perceived as a stressful environment that damages our personal wellness. As a result, staying productive and engaged all the times is hard, especially in an uncomfortable office. A wide range of business cases show that reconnecting people to Nature (especially through interactive experiences) in the workplace can have a strong impact on business performance; in particular, benefits are found in employee productivity, engagement, and creativity, as well as in talent attraction and retention rates. If you are looking for new solutions to boost your employee engagement and performance, do not hesitate to contact our team members. We are looking forward to collaborating with other people sharing our same values!

How are you supporting Circular Economy?

At Hexagro, we sincerely care about our Planet and every day we strive to make our system more and more sustainable. Today, the power of our Living Farming Tree is represented by its complete modularity (meaning that when something is not working properly, it is not necessary to replace the entire system but only the specific deficit-component) and the possibility to upgrade the existing system on an ongoing basis. Our mission is to lower the material-consumption as much as possible, besides selecting recycled materials and tracking the entire supply chain of the components we use. Circular is the new black!

Can I customize my Living Farming Tree?

We are working hard to make our system every day more customizable! Still, today you can choose between three different sizes (S, M, and L) and a variety of finishing, ranging from the traditional (recycled!) white plastic we use to show to other nature-inspired colors. Contact us at for receiving our catalog and we will do our best to meet your personal tastes!


Which plants can I grow with Poty?

Poty uses a substrate to support plant growth, this means that almost any herb, fruit and vegetable can be grown with it! Discover more here.

How much can I produce with Poty?

The smallest configuration of our vertical garden holds up to 20 plants, and the biggest up to 40. It’s up to you to decide what to plant, you can get as creative as you’d like, or just stick to one variety at the time. Find out more here.

How difficult is it to grow plants with Poty?

It’s very easy! Thanks to the support or our virtual assistant, no green thumb is required to have a successful harvest. After assembly, you just have to germinate the plant or subscribe to our seedlings delivery service, then the automated fertigation system will take care of watering the plants and delivering the nutrients wherever needed! You only need to take care the container doesn't run out of water, but we’ll send you some reminders, hence no worries ;)

Do I have to always follow what the app says? What if I want to just eat my basil when I feel like it?

Well, the key word here is freedom! You will always have complete control over the system and nobody except you will decide what and how to manage it. The app is there just for guiding and suggesting you with awesome tips on how to get the most out of it!

What do I need to install Poty?

You simply need a free area of about 2 sq. feet / 1 sq. meter and the possibility to plug the water pump cable to a socket. That’s it, the rest of the resources and components will come within the product package.

Can the system be installed indoors?

It could yes, but you need to make sure it is positioned in a room with plenty of natural light. Otherwise most edible plants won’t grow efficiently. Another thing to consider is that - on the contrary to the Living Farming Tree - Poty uses a substrate to grow plants, thus if placed indoors, it might smell or get dirty more easily.

How much does the system consume?

The only energy consumption of this product is deriving from the water pump. Normally the pump consumes between 15-25W.

How can I assemble it?

All assembly steps will be shown in the product manual and also visible via the digital experience Hexbee.

How is the maintenance, how much I have to do?

Every garden needs some love and care to grow efficiently. Poty has an automated irrigation so most of the job will be done by itself. What you need to take care of will be refilling the water in the container once every 3-4 days in full summer, 1-2 a week when plants are little. You will also have to add nutrients to the water, trim plants when needed or dismantle the pots when you restart a full cultivation. But no worries! Every step will be guided by Hexbee, you virtual urban farmer.

What is the autonomy of the water reservoir?

The reservoir can hold up to 5L of water and nutrients, this on average lasts between 3-5 days in summer and over a week in colder seasons.

How stable is Poty

The system has a sturdy aluminum base to ensure excellent stability even when fully loaded. At the same time 4 wheels ensure it can be moved if needed. We can't guarantee Poty is hurricane-proof yet, but in very windy areas a hook can easily be added to the wall to make the system even more stable. [The hook is not supplied by Hexagro due to the different compositions of each wall]

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